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A walk and a trip to a retro car GAZ 21 50-ies

tour of a retro car with a driver Lviv

Description: For more than sixty years, the GAZ-21 "Volga" remains a standard of elegance, style and true symbol of its era and a subject of seizing for several generations.

The real time machine, "car of dreams" - from the moment of leaving the conveyor in 1956 and to this day.
So this car will undoubtedly remain in the future.

Want to add a highlight to your trip?
An excellent solution for you will be - the order of retro cars for an excursion or transfer (Rent a retro car with a driver Airport - Hotel Center Lviv) in Lviv.
This is a great way to create a vibrant journey and give yourself an unforgettable experience.
A sightseeing tour of the retro car in Lviv is a unique and exclusive opportunity to see the old and modern Lviv.

Also, here you can order tuple of retro cars, for yourself and your guests.

Just a chic retro tuning of the GAZ 21 in Lviv is another chance to feel like a fairy tale.

It is here that you can rent a retro car or rent a motorcade from retro cars with a professional driver.

Go through the streets of Lviv as a VIP passenger on a beautiful retro car of the 50s.

Number of people: up to 4 years.

Duration: 2-2,5 hours.

The price includes:

- Driver's services

- Ability to make a route to your liking

Price: 1400-1500 UAH. 1 car in Lviv city.

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